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Coaching for Anxiety

Coaching for Anxiety

The ability to cope with feelings of anxiety and worry is a unique experience for every individual suffering with these emotions. To consult coaching for anxiety would be helpful for a lot of individuals.

Coaching for Anxiety aims to enable a shift in an individual’s insight by encouraging them to engage in self-improvement. Since coaching focuses on goal setting and shifting individual viewpoints, it is seen as an effective tool in helping some individuals fight anxiety.

The main difference between coaching and therapy is that a therapist is seen as the expert who recommends tools that will provide help for a client’s specific issues. However, a coach works practically; focuses on guiding their clients to open up new possibilities and be motivated to engage in change.


Another difference involves what your clients choose to reflect on in order to fight anxiety. Therapy usually looks at questions that come up because of past experiences and trauma. Coaching aims to bring a change. It helps clients access new viewpoints that will help them improve their future and look forward by achieving their goals.

Coaching can benefit you in creating  healthier habits to improve your mental state and maintain your wellbeing in future.

A coaching session is usually more organized than therapy, and involves focusing on a particular problem area. Coaches use techniques such as active listening and powerful questions to help explore potential areas for change.

Both therapy and coaching can be powerful tools for fighting your anxiety.

Coaching techniques for anxiety are most helpful to people who are experiencing anxiety in relation to current life events and have not been significantly weakened by the experience.

Anxiety coaching’s main goal is to explore the client’s specific situation, identifying the limiting beliefs and blocks that may be adding to anxiety.