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Career Life Coaching

Career Life Coaching

The basic goal of career life coaching is to help you understand what you want from your work life, the skills you need and how you can develop them. A career coach can support you in initializing these steps, kickstarting your way to a more fulfilling future.

Career life coaching can help you with your current job, helping you to set professional goals and feel more fulfilled, or support you in making a career change. A coach will never tell you what to do, but they can guide you through decision making, and give you the time and platform to talk about how you’re feeling, and understand what your goals are.

Career coaches are experts in listening. So, they will listen to you, and together, you will get to the breakthrough of your current situation and understand your feelings. This is a very difficult thing to do alone, all by yourself; often we can achieve this by speaking to friends and family, but at times, professional support is needed.


If the issues you’re trying to address extend beyond just your career, you may want to start by consulting a therapist, who can help you explore your past trauma and understand its impacts on all areas of your life, including your career.

What is required for Life Coaching Career?

Putting it in simple words, a life coach empowers their clients to be the best they can be. Certain life coaches might focus solely on certain types of situations, like advancing careers, improving families, improving your dating lives while others may be willing to help with nearly any life transition.

There are several reasons why a person might seek the guidance of a professional life coach which is why a life coaching career is a good choice. They might be stuck in a place in their lives and looking for a way to move forward, or they may be at a specific turning point in their lives where an outside, objective perspective may be incredibly helpful.

How to Become a Certified Life Coach:

  • Choose a certain area of focus

It’s helpful to identify what it is that drives you personally, for much more motivation to help your clients through their own journeys.

  • Earn a Life Coach degree

You don’t need a specific Master’s degree. Earning one of many psychology degrees will give you the foundation you need to properly understand the psychological basis of your clients’ issues.

  • Set up your life coaching business

Start your life coach career and change lives.