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Friendship Coaching

Friendship Coaching

Sometimes you meet someone who happens have the same interests as you- a love for rap music, or maybe a passion for photography – someone who you can talk to for hours. Or perhaps you don’t have much in common with this person, but you admire their qualities – their sense of humor, their positive outlook, their attitude. Friendship, is a unique bond that is built on a feeling – an instinct that tells us when something just…fits.

With Friendship Coaching, we help our clients with all kinds of issues in this area, including:

  • making friends
  • dealing with conflict
  • maintaining friendships
  • recognizing a toxic friendship
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How a friendship coaching can help:

The topic of handling relationships and friendships is a big topic in general and friendship coaches help our in a number of ways, depending on what you need support with.

Importance of Communication in friendship:

Communication is the key to maintain any sort of friendship. If you are late replier, let your friends know, if you are not a call person, let your friends know; this will help people not to expect things from you that are not a part of your personality. Normally when we are not getting a reply or getting late replies, we consider the friendship is dead even though it isn’t actually that. So instead of overthinking, be practical.