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The Dating Coach

The Dating Coach

A dating coach is someone who mentors and chaperons you through the dating process. Because, being completely honest, dating today can be devastating, discouraging, and often feel like the last thing you want to spend your time doing.

What Does a Dating Coach Do?

Coach engagement with different clients varies a lot. One coach might be focused on men, another on women, and yet another might prefer to work with people along the gender spectrum. Whatever might be the approach, a dating coach basically addresses two basic needs:

  • Your individual goals – and what you want to get out of dating at this moment in your life
  • Your struggles in the dating process


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What Can a Dating Coach Teach You?

It depends on your needs and wants whether what you pick up from the session from the dating coaches.

Lessons usually include how to:

  • Flirt casually and with ease, from a place of connection.
  • Adjust your date and navigate the first kiss
  • Communicate what you want from dating or a relationship
  • Stay grounded on nerve wracking early dates
  • Handle rejection in a well-mannered way, and how to let someone know that you aren’t interested with clarity so they don’t stay hung up.